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Die aktuelle Version spiegelt den momentanen Fortschritt an dem Projekt wider. Nutzbare Features müssen nicht so in der fertigen Version vorkommen. Einiges Features sind bis jetzt auch noch nicht oder nicht komplett eingebaut.

Für Verbesserungsvorschläge sind wir sehr dankbar (German Forum: http://forum.birth-of-the-empires.de/viewforum.php?f=34&sid=21ac57d8d1b467e77ac4fcda3218b551).

Sollten Bugs entdeckt werden, so meldet diese bitte (German Forum: http://birth-of-the-empires.de/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=6).

Viel Spaß – die BotE-Crew

The current version reflects the current progress of the project. Features of the current version may be changed in the final version. There are a lot of planned features that are not implemented yet.

For improvement suggestions we'll be very grateful (English board: http://bote2.square7.ch/forum/viewforum.php?f=44).

If you find a bug please let us know (English board: http://bote2.square7.ch/forum/viewforum.php?f=18).

Have fun - the BotE-crew


Deutsch-Symbol.jpg Englisch-Symbol.jpg
  • Six playable races and more than 140 so-called "minor races"
  • various settings comfortable available via Game Settings
  • 6 separately activateable victory conditions (only at the start of the game)
  • 2D galaxy map, size and shape pre-adjustable
  • AI with scalable difficulty levels
  • TCP/IP LAN and internet multiplayer and singleplayer against AI
  • Ship battles and planetary invasions
  • Complete empire management like planetary build-ups and resource trading
  • Diplomatic actions (e.g. trade agreements, friendship, affiliation, war) to major races as well as to minor races, including bribing and gifts.
  • runs on Windows2k, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32bit and64 bit) and on Linux using WINE
  • non-commercial product - free playing for everyone
  • English or German version (determine by choosing installation language)