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This site started at 09.04.2012 - at the moment it's quick empty but it will grow, also by your help.

This site contents suggestions and plans - when or even whether they will be part of BotE...no details are known yet.

Only BotE-Project Members can edit this page - sorry. Other's please post your suggestions into forum (see next capter).

Forum-Thread Tutorial

Tutorialmodus: http://birth-of-the-empires.de/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=1398

Video-Tutorial for BotE: http://birth-of-the-empires.de/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1655

See also at the end of this site a list of threads many people gave us helpful feedback

Yet there is to get familar with BotE:

Unsorted issues for Tutorial

Before Starting

  • Menu-Bar: Help leads to Wiki, Homepage, Forum and so on
  • GameSettings
  • BotE is only fullscreen. But it's no problem for ALT+TAB going to windows and then coming back to BotE.

First turn

    • Gamesettings

  • 1-GalaxyScreen:
    • ScrollWheel or PageUp/Down to resize galaxy,
    • arrow key or mouse to move galaxy
    • Minimap
    • Click into the middle of home sector (result: planets? !!)
    • Mouse over planets (details on bottom left side!), boni (tooltip)
    • Click on planet and another mouseover planet to cancel this
    • mouse over sun
  • Ships: select, move, cancel, fleet, unfleet, transport (of titan), (terraform+colonize 2nd turn)
    • Demontage (best go to your best own shipyard for this to get highest reimbursements of credits and ressources)
    • Ship Keys if avaible (not yet in version 0.81)
    • Shipdesign: in the middle costs and values are displayed also if something of design is changed
      • beam: range can be improved = better
      • torpedo: launcher and torpedo typ can be changed
        • e.g. micro launcher only can start micro torpedos which are penetrating
        • if ship has more as one torpedo launcher position this can be chosen by click on torpedo name (http://birth-of-the-empires.de/wiki_files/Videos/ShipDesignSelectBeamShip=AT.avi Auswählen der Beam-Position etc., die geändert werden soll (8 MB)] )
        • the more expensive a torpedo => better. But how wants can study torpedo weapon very strong e.g. in WIKI
      • hull: more expensive = better, double hull -> maneuvrablility goes down one step
      • shields can refresh quicker
  • DoubleClick into the middle of home sector

  • 2-1-BuildScreen
    • Click to Workers (sound)
    • build list is scrollable
    • double-click to Structures brings you back to the top of the list
    • costs below, storage and production left top, building queue below
    • building tooltip
    • select a building issue by double click
    • also cancelling by double click in building queue
    • buying and cancel of it

    • shipyard: first only small ships, later: shipyard must be online, deritium is needed (can be get by building a mine in a system with deritium)
    • barracks: can help for morale, but in the main thing is needed to build troops which can be transfered to ransport ships to conquer other systems after war has been declared...so it works :-)

Second turn

  • news and informations: double clicks are often avaible, DEL-Key is possible
  • where are the ships
    • terraform (direct colonize possible - color of planet letters!) - terraforming points
    • colonize: colonize ship must do a separate step = 2nd step for this, colonize one, more or all planets in one step?

Further topics

  • 1-GalaxyMap: system are not terraformed and colonized automatically after first colonization is done - each left planet (with a red character) has to be terraformed as well and all planets with light green character has to be colonized by another colony ship (here one ship can colonize more than one planet with one command "colonize") - well that's what speaker tells (Terraform: "Select one planet", colonize: no speaker makes a restriction)
  • 2-SystemView - all explaining (each ressources right side, also grey entries in building list)
  • 3-1-Research Screen: handling and infos about, using bars, taking care of "locked"
  • 3-2-Special Research Screen: taking care of the gap if no of the three option is chosen
  • 3-Research (all screens): when clicking bar and if "locked" -> Popup that tells about "locked"
  • 4-1-Intel:
  • 6-2-Advantages of monopoly


  • fonts are awful
  • fleet/ships not located -> mouseover already discussed. Also ship handling must be shown within terraforming and colonizing, creating and using a fleet
  • yet by clicking a ship in ship overview list no automatically going to it in galaxy map
  • no advisors yet like "these ships have no order" (well...it's the gamer's part to take care for this in his mind, but for many gamers it's unusual in comparison to other games)


Modding: StartShips, StartBuildings

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