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more at AAR

Deutsch-Symbol.jpg mehr unter AAR Englisch-Symbol.jpg more at AAR

leider stoppt hier momentan die Beschreibung, aber wir empfehlen, unter AAR (After Action Reports) zu schauen, wo mehr Runden beschrieben sind.

Ein bißchen mehr Infos könnte sich auch noch aus Kategorie:Tutorial ergeben.

sorry, unfortunately it stops here but it's recommend to have a look to AAR (After Action Reports) where more turns are discripted.

A few more info might be also at Kategorie:Tutorial

weitere Punkte / useful topics

still in progress

Deutsch-Symbol.jpg Bauwerke Englisch-Symbol.jpg Buildings
Bauwerke Many Buildings have special advantages and bonuses (relevant from beginning on)
  • especially morale has big influence on success by increasing productions of most areas as industry, research, credits and so on. Morale can be affected by
  • special buildings (from Tech3 on), sometimes also by special buildings of minor races
  • by diplomacy and by combats

Deutsch-Symbol.jpg Geheimdienst Englisch-Symbol.jpg Intelligence
Geheimdienst Intelligence (relevant about 20 turns after new contact with another empire)

While intel initially is not important, it does the longer the game runs. By intel it’s possible to damage others without an open combat. Intel itself first needs many of intel yield, and getting results depend also on enemy’s intel strongness. But neglect intel will cause your ruin. Intel has three areas: inner security, espionage and sabotage. Espionage will available more specified sabotage. More about Intel here..

Deutsch-Symbol.jpg Forschung Englisch-Symbol.jpg Research
Forschung Research (relevant from beginning on)

Without any research a long distance survival won’t be able. On the other hand some players prioritize warlike expanding as against research.

Deutsch-Symbol.jpg Choose Race Englisch-Symbol.jpg Choose Race
Choose Race Select Choose Race (relevant from starting on)

With all Major Races winning is possible, and also in all manners. Due to the kind and thus to the advantages and disadvantages of each Major Race some strategy are easier to play (e.g. Khaorons prefer warlike). More here

Deutsch-Symbol.jpg Tarnen Englisch-Symbol.jpg Cloak and Stealth
Tarnen Cloak and Stealth (relevant from starting on)

Not all races developed these technology. This tech – available from tech 3 on, gives an advantage in ship combats. But it’s also possible to win combats against these ships: It’s just necessary to survive first attack of cloaked ships because than there surprise effect is gone.

Deutsch-Symbol.jpg Schiffskampf Englisch-Symbol.jpg Combats
Combats and odds (relevant from first combat on)

Ingame when a combat occures odds are displayed. But this calculation isn’t the complete calculation that ingame happens – mention this (otherwise it would be very boring J). After many combats you’ll get a sense for your odds. Hailing also can make sense but mostly it won’t be successful. The same with retreat. The combat itself (2 enemies with attacking ships) runs in fractions of time. (If cloaked ships use the first fraction to escape it’s a won combat for you; if no one can win (unarmed ships or both sides are cloaked) may end in a success without a combat –

Typically a combat is battled with FIGHT on both sides: Then the combat runs until one side is completely destroyed: Each fraction of time ships move and fire and endure hits (not each shot leads to a hit), shields and hull will be reinforced and affected by next hits. ERGEBNISSE (SCHIFFE) während KAMPF

For the results please have a little bit waiting endurance – it’s better to display them calmly in News instead of immediately.

Deutsch-Symbol.jpg Handel Englisch-Symbol.jpg Trade
Handel Trade (relevant from beginning on)

Deutsch-Symbol.jpg Monopole Englisch-Symbol.jpg Monopolies
Monopole Monopolies (relevant later during the game)

Deutsch-Symbol.jpg Ressourcenrouten Englisch-Symbol.jpg Resource Routes
Ressourcenrouten Resource Routes (relevant from beginning on)

Deutsch-Symbol.jpg Handelsrouten Englisch-Symbol.jpg Trade Routes
Handelsrouten Trade Routes (relevant from first new contact on)

Deutsch-Symbol.jpg Truppen Englisch-Symbol.jpg Troops
Truppen Troops (relevant from first war on)

still in progress

Link to: Erste Schritte/First Steps